At FootBalance, we want to promote foot health and awareness. The first step toward happy feet, is gaining the knowledge you need to take additional steps toward prevention and recovery when it comes to foot pain. A couple of good websites to consider are the American Podiatric Medical Association, the International Federation of Podiatrists, and All of these sites provide medical information and treatment suggestions for various foot and ankle ailments.

It's that time of year again, when the trail beckons for our feet to pad up and down its muddy, rocky terrain. But if you're not properly equipped, your trail experience will be less than enjoyable. If you're like most outdoor enthusiasts, you spend a bit of time perusing magazines, websites and stores for information on the best shoes, apparel and accessories to help ensure that this hiking season will be the best yet.

With the temperature finally starting to heat up, let the spring season motivate you to meet new fitness goals. Starting to run again may seem like an uphill battle, but if you ease into your workout plans, you’ll find that your fitness goals are within reach.

If you are a novice runner, running a 5K is a perfect way to get yourself into the habit of regularly running every day, introduce yourself to the race scene, and get the extra motivation you need to get off the couch and hit the pavement or trail.

Our Swedish team has written about a recent study from the Karolinska Institutet of Sweden that shows you can boost your immune system with a relatively high weekly dose of training, which previously was not thought to be the case.

With just a couple of months until school lets out for the summer, and with the summer temperatures slowly creeping up on us, it is time to carefully consider the most important of summer plans: vacation. And before you start considering leaving the country for your next summer vacation, remember that the United States boasts an array of gorgeous and diverse national parks, filled with breathtaking views, hikes, and adventures. In the spirit of staying active, FootBalance wants to share some of the best day hikes in our National Parks.

At FootBalance, we love nothing more than creating happy feet all year long. From your morning walk in icy conditions to training for the Boston Marathon, we hope that FootBalance is always a part of your healthy lifestyle journey. That is why we can’t help but smile every time we receive a letter from another happy customer. We can’t keep all of these success stories to ourselves, so we decided it was time to share some of the love.

The beginning of April means one thing: spring will tease you for at least a couple of weeks before it actually shows up on your doorstep. Meaning, that beautiful 50-degree day can disappear quickly, putting a dent on your weekend hiking plans. Spring hiking involves extremely variable terrain, including slippery rocks, questionable snow-pack, mud, and ice. FootBalance wants you to enjoy your outdoor adventures year round.

Now that Spring is on its way and the streets and parks are filling up with exuberant happy runners. Here are a few quick tips to help you avoid over-training and injury.

1 Gradually develop your total exercise or running plan with about  a10-15% increae over the previous week (use time or distance)

2 Increase the intensity of your exercise gradually (even athletes develop the intensity of their training over a period of time)

3 Increase the tempo before increasing the distance in order to have a good foundation before you start pushing yourelf to go further.

When you open the latest issue of Men's Journal magazine, flip to a feature called "Run Support" and you'll see our FootBalance QuickFit blue footbeds front and center! Men's Journal mentions how QuickFit allows for "better shock absorption and stability."

And here's where you can go to discover what Men's Journal found--the best pre-molded footbeds on the market.

It was 2003, and Erkki Hakkala, an innovative physiotherapist with a podiatric specialty, was performing foot and lower limb analysis at a clinic in the Diacor Medical Centre in Helsinki. Despite medical advancements in nearly every other field, Hakkala's method and perspective was doing was unique.

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