/Sports Industry Association Snow Show Attendees Love Footbalance!

Footbalance made it to the SIA Snow Show in Denver to bring our custom foot analysis and comfort/performance solution to skiers and snowboarders. Footbalance Race Custom Footbeds are ideal for snowsports lovers to get the most out of their sport.  The footbeds fit great inside ski boots, snowboard boots or even ice skates, and they work to properly align your body and make you more comfortable for better performance.

Here is a picture of us getting a snowsports lover molded up.  To keep the good vides pumping, we donated a dollar to Soles4Souls for every pair of old insoles attendees traded in when they got their new Footbalance footbeds. Soles4Souls helps underpriveleged kids all over the world get proper footwear.   Thanks, SIA, for a great time in Denver. We're excited that so many skiers and snowboarders came by to see how important footbeds are in the industry.  For example, Skiing Magazine ran a list of the trends they saw at SIA show, and they listed footbeds as one of the biggies! They even ran a photo of our Soles4Souls trade-in program.