/Training Tuesday: 5 tips to combine training, work, school, and a personal life

How to juggle training with the rest of life's demands is a common question these days. Though it can often seem hard in today's hectic world: there are ways to keep everything in balance. Here are five tips to keep up your training alongside work / school commitments and still have a rewarding personal life:

Be committed, but flexible: Reserve enough time for training, but don't be afraid to change your workout schedule if you're too busy or tired.

Reserve time to socialize: Make sure you set aside time for yourself to socialize and re-charge your batteries. My personal life is where I gather all my energy to work and train, so I make sure not to neglect it.

Plan ahead: Schedule your week beforehand so it's easier to combine work, school, socializing and training during your week.

Beat the stress: Training relieves stress, so if school or work are stressing you out, training (hard) will help relieve tension in your mind and body and help you sleep better.

Get enough sleep: Don't sacrifice sleep in an attempt to "do it all". Sleep is essential to recovering from hard workouts, and helps you maintain the energy to cope with a tough schedule. Make sure you get enough!

Your personal life will benefit when your training, work and study commitments are well organized. You won’t have to stress about these areas and will be able to enjoy higher quality free time with your friends and family.

These are some quick thoughts that popped into my mind in my morning run as I prepare to start my Master's thesis and juggle it with a full time job and demanding training schedule, while still having a social life! I'd like to hear your thoughts as well - why don't you tweet me back @footbalance or comment on our Facebook page?


Joonas Laurila is in charge of Footbalance product testing and an avid runner. He overpronates in one foot while the other is near neutral. Joonas shares training tips weekly in Training Tuesday and tweets about his own training as @JoonasLaurila on Twitter. Email him your training questions: