/Training Tuesday: Fluids are the Key to Marathon Success

Hydrate Yourself!

You hear it all the time - drink fluids, stay hydrated. But sometimes we all need a reminder about just what that means. The folks over at Marathon Training Schedule have put out a nice thorough overview of the whole fluids question and hydration for runners. Good, straightforward advice on how to stay watered-up during your training regimen.

Here's a sample:

"Before you start your training session for the day Hydration for runners starts well before you lace up your shoesyou should drink as much fluid as you can comfortably, which is somewhere between 30 - 500 ml. About 10-15 minutes before your session the urine should be pale.

When training you will need to make sure you are drinking the same amount of fluids as you are losing. Fluid loss is very individual, so you will need to make sure you figure that out. You need to spread out the fluid intake over the hour. An example is to drink 250 ml every 15 minutes or so." *

*This is equivelant to drinking an ounce to 16 ounces of fluids before you start and, in the example, about a cup (eight ounces) every 15 minutes. Some runners may find drinking this much while running difficult, which is why it's important to remember to hydrate at a healthy level well before your training sessions. Think of it as building a base. Don't make your workout the first time of the day you start chugging down fluids!

Road RunningSo, grab some liquid and hit the trail!

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