/Training Tuesday: When Should I Start Running Again After a Race?

In the first installment of our new Training Tuesday series, Joonas discusses post-race fatigue and shares his reaction to qualifying for Boston 2012.

Now, a week after Stockholm Marathon 2011, I still have a feeling that I’m quite tired and out of gas. My body feels overloaded, even though my muscles have recovered quite well. My mind says that I should start training again, but my energy levels are still just too low. This is a common situation to many who have run a marathon. You have trained hard and probably reached your goal, and it feels like you have nothing more to give.

For me, going under 3 hours for the first time in my life and qualifying for Boston Marathon 2012 is a dream come true! Added to my previous month's new records for a 10K and a half marathon, this shows that all my hard work training has paid off. Now it’s time to give my body enough time to recover both physically and mentally. This means no training for a few days, and then two to three weeks of easy training. It's interesting to see how this recovery goes because I've reached all the goals that I've set up for this year.

During the next two weeks, I'll give some concrete tips about post-race training, including a detailed look at my own program. Next week in Training Tuesday I’ll dig a little deeper on physical recovery, before talking about the mental aspects of recovery. Stay tuned!


Joonas Laurila is in charge of product testing for Footbalance's R&D team and an avid runner. He recently finished the Stockholm Marathon 2:57:29. He'll be sharing training tips every Tuesday in the Footbalance blog. You can also follow Joonas's own training highs and lows on twitter: @JoonasLaurila or ask him training questions directly: