/The World's Toughest Races

How tough are you? How tough is your race?  We found this nice piece from Finding Dulcinea about the world's hardest races. Do you think you have what it takes to race across the Sahara? Death Valley? 1000 miles on a bike?

Here's a sample:

"The Marathon des Sables casts runners into the stark, empty wilderness of the Sahara Desert to complete a distance of 151 miles over six or seven days, depending on personal ability. Broken up into a series of progressively longer treks, the Sables race is for those who have the mental and physical wherewithal to complete the equivalent of five and a half marathons over a stupefying terrain of desert sand and rocks, carrying the weight of one’s gear and tent for the night and experiencing temperatures that reach 120 degrees."


Read the full list and let us know which race you are ready for....