For some of us casual cyclist, spring is the time of the year we take the bike out of storage and decide to put some pedal to the metal. Here are some tips to help you shift up the gears quickly this spring.

1 Give your bike some attention

Before you jump on your bike and head off to start of the season make sure you have thoroughly checked its condition. If you are a good mechanic, you could to this yourself, or have your local shop. For a quick initial safety check follow these tips

For a more detailed tune up follow these tips  or check out this YouTube video.

With Spring well into full flow and runners starting to review their clothing and footwear for the Spring time it is a good opportunity to review whether you need new footwear and what is on the market.

Do I need new footwear?

Of course these days the view might be that I want the latest style, trend or colour in my footwear but what about whether your footwear needs replacing due to wear and tear? How do I know if my footwear need replacing? Of course a quick inspection can determine that your footwear needs replacing plus also reveal your foot type by the wear on the surface areas. It also depends on how often you run, whether you run in the same footwear constantly etc. If you log your training and review the kilometres as a rule, when you start approaching 500-800 kilometres (300-500 miles) on your footwear, begin breaking in a new pair and rotate the two for a few weeks. We covered some tips for checking your footwear and table with the 800 kilometre guideline in our post Are you your feet’s worst enemy?

Have you noticed that our Facebook motivational Monday quotes have been inspired by the philosopher of running: Dr George Sheehan? Who is Dr George Sheehan?

Basketball fans- are you ready for March Madness season? The Division 1 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is one of the biggest sporting events in the country each year.

More praise for FootBalance QuickFit insoles. Kristin Gates, a long distance hiking blogger, recently reviewed FootBalance QuickFit insoles. Spoiler alert: the review is a good one!

Below is a excerpt from the review posted on Gates' blog Eating Miles for Breakfast

Having received this unhappy tale of a lost sole we we were delighted to team up with Tony Pryce Sports in Barnstaple with an emergency replacement.

"I have a request and a story you may be able to help me with. I bought a pair of FootBalance custom insoles from a local running shop a few weeks ago, I was just getting used to them and finding them brilliant. When one evening as I was leaving my house to go to my local triathlon club I managed to stupidly leave my pair of running trainers on the roof of my car.

In our last post we wrote about out sports day in Vierumäki sports centre, which hosts The Sport Institute of Finland, a national coaching and training centre for sports and physical education and a number of Finland's top athletes train there. In our last post we reviewed TRX Suspension Training®. We also had the opportunity to take part in a Powerslider training session.

What is Powerslider Training?

Here in Finland we recently had the opportunity to attend a sports day at the Vierumäki sports centre. In Finland if you want try the most up to date exercises then Vierumäki sports centre is the place to go to since it hosts The Sport Institute of Finland, a national coaching and training centre for sports and physical education and a number of Finland's top athletes train here.

One of the exercises we had the opportunity to try out was TRX Suspension Training®.

What is TRX Suspension Training®?

The leading international exhibition for the outdoor and sports industry ISPO MUNICH 2015 was held in Münich from the 5th to 8th of February 2015. FootBalance again participated in the exhibition, showcasing its unique concept of computer aided foot analysis and custom insoles, as well as exploring the latest trends and innovations of the sports industry.

It is time to celebrate love, happiness and health. With the month of February underway, make sure you are taking time to love yourself and love your feet. One way to make sure you are loving yourself is setting yourself up for success through positive thinking and positive self talk.

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