Listen up, medical professionals! Alongside our custom and premolded footbeds for recreation and exercise, FootBalance provides specialized, affordable medical footbeds for patients suffering from severe foot problems and misalignment related conditions.  The custom footbeds are created while the foot is in the correct, neutral position.  If necessary, FootBalance can add padding, support, lifts, etc. to help guide the motion of the lower limbs towards a centered alignment.

Improve strength, stamina and coordination by skipping. It is an inexpensive form of exercise that you can do anywhere.

By skipping you can improve your fitness and coordination in the simplest of ways and it’s fun too. When you jump on the spot, it is primarily the ankles that are active with your calf muscles doing a lot of the jumping work.  Your anterior thigh and buttocks are also getting a workout.  Even if your calf muscles are strong they need to work even harder to give you that lift as you jump through the loop.

With spring quickly approaching, Mother Nature is going to flip-flop between ice and snow in many areas of North America before she finally decides to head towards summer. Such variable weather can bring dangerous outdoor conditions. Melting snow and rain can often turn into ice and slick conditions overnight as the temperature drops. While you’re continuing to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle outside, be sure to take the proper safety precautions.

Love watching basketball during the month of March?
So do we! But it's fun to get in the game in addition to watching it. So, this month, we encourage all basketball fans to get fitted with a 100% custom pair of FootBalance Game footbeds. Whether it's a neighborhood pickup game, a rec-league tournament or one-on-one with a friend at the gym, playing basketball is a fun way to improve your fitness and coordination while curing cabin fever.

Are you living for your next ski vacation, but anxious about rental boot pain? Rental boots can be the main culprit for a tarnished ski vacation. Let FootBalance be a part of your rental boot solution by creating your own custom footbeds to eliminate the pain. The main problem with rental boots is that they aren't molded to your own unique feet- they are generic.

Walking has never received the credit it deserves when it comes to exercising. Making simple changes in your daily routine, such as adding more walking, can greatly benefit your health. Physical activity doesn’t have to be tedious. It can be enjoyable and relaxing.

FootBalance North America is hiring!

We have full-time openings for brand development representatives in both the Eastern & Western regions, we are also searching for independent sales representatives across the U.S. for all specialty athletic channels, podiatry and medical services. FootBalance has developed a unique concept whereby customers can get a computer-aided foot analysis and 100% custom molded insole within 10 minutes at sports shops, specialty fitters, shoe stores, medical centers, and physiotherapy practices.

Your run energizes you. It gives you clarity of mind and focus. You feel healthier, you feel stronger and you feel empowered. No one has to tell you the benefits of running because you know them well. 

You’ve invested time and energy into running, you’ve seen some of the benefits and now your goals are high. Whether you are looking to run a marathon, increase your weekly mileage or keep up with your running group, the risk of a foot injury is a reality that you must face. 

Featured Retailer: Bicycle Fit Guru

FootBalance would like to proudly recognize featured retailer Chris Balser, the “Bicycle Fit Guru.” Based out of Minnesota, Balser provides professional bicycle fitting services out of two Minnesota studio locations: Penn Cycle in Minnetonka and Cedar Lake Minneapolis. The Cedar Lake studio is an “Advanced Biomechanics Lab” where Balser conducts research, designs 3D and sEMG fitting protocols, provides sEMG biofeedback training to improve pedaling technique, and works with sponsored riders.

If you don’t live somewhere on a deserted island, keeping track of time with a solar clock and foraging for food on a daily basis, you’re probably well aware that Valentine’s Day is getting close. 
And that means you have to get it together really quick. 
If you and your partner aren’t into the restaurant date plus cheesy gift thing, but you’re getting it in at the gym more than the average Joe, your totem animal this Valentine’s Day might just be a roaring cheetah speeding at 60 miles per hour.

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