09 July 2016

Best known for a unique & innovative retail concept of computer aided foot analysis, custom insole moulding and footwear recommendation, FootBalance has recently launched its own branded concession store.

25 January 2016

FootBalance, the fast growing Finnish based custom insole brand, is delighted to announce that after an 18-month hiatus, Road Runner Sports, the leading independent running specialty retailer in the US has decided to renew its successful partnership with the company, offering 100% custom insoles to its growing consumer base.


23 November 2015

An independent research study carried out by the University of Jyväskylä Finland and University Salzburg, Austria confirms that FootBalance 100% custom insoles have the potential to prevent injuries such as patellofemoral pain syndrome, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fascitis, and stress fractures by reducing foot pronation and excessive tibial internal rotation movement during walking and running.

04 June 2015

FootBalance, an innovator in the development of 100% custom insoles, is delighted to announce the launch of a new range of 100% custom sandals which are custom moulded in store in 10 minutes. Until today, active users have only been able to enjoy the benefits of cushioned comfort, healthy feet and a perfect, personalised fit provided by FootBalance’s line of custom insoles. From now on, they can also experience the same level of comfort & support wearing FootBalance 100% custom sandals.

30 March 2015

FootBalance, an innovator of in-store foot analysis and 100% custom insoles and sandals, has signed a distributor agreement with Hickory Brands, Inc., to further strengthen its presence in the United States of America. 

30 January 2015

Synonymous with the unique retail concept of computer aided foot analysis and footwear recommendation, FootBalance has launched a new state-of-the-art software called FitPro.

Tailor-made for retail outlets, FitPro guides store staff through a comprehensive foot analysis process that efficiently aids them in selecting the right footwear for their customer’s foot type, customizing their selection with FootBalance custom insoles for a perfect fit.

24 August 2014

FootBalance has signed a partnership agreement with the Finnish Basketball Association, designating FootBalance as an official partner of the Finnish National Basketball Team, “Susijengi”.  Professional basketball players have been using custom insoles for years, and with this agreement the National Association demonstrates its support for the use of FootBalance custom insoles for professional basketball.

27 June 2014

Continuing its international growth, Footbalance´s sales will now start in South East Asia, China and Taiwan. From the beginning of 2014 FootBalance has already entered into 8 new countries.  

04 June 2014

The board of FootBalance has appointed CFO Klaus Rauhansalo as Acting CEO from the beginning of June. FootBalance´s current President & CEO Tom Jungell has made a decision to move on to new challenges. Tom Jungell has been with the company since 2011.

"Under Tom´s management the company has been developing positively and continued it´s international growth in new market areas. I want to thank Tom for his efforts and wish him all the best with his new challenges,” Founder Erkki Hakkala says.

14 May 2014
Bo Sport International, renowned in the sporting goods segment as well as in the brown shoe segment, will commence distribution of the FootBalance product portfolio in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.