FootBalance custom insoles are simply the best all round insole on the market

FootBalance custom insoles are simply the best all round insole on the market for sport and every day use. Each one gets better from Dynamic Blue to Max and now to Game (the yellow custom insole), which I find the best of them all. I used to suffer from shin splints but they no longer occur now that I wear FootBalance custom insoles. FootBalance are simply the best!

Declan Corcoran, GAA Referee, Ireland.

After two weeks of using FootBalance custom insoles 20 months of pain and walking with a limp have disappeared and I can run again.

For 20 months I have had a lot of pain, making it difficult to walk without a limp and running was out of the question. I have tried resting, exercise, heat, ice, physio, massage and ultrasound with no improvement. I decided to try new running shoes and saw FootBalance custom insoles whilst in the store and bought a pair to go with the shoes. That was two weeks ago. I now have no limp, very little discomfort and am getting back on a running treadmill later this week. I wish I had known about FootBalance custom insoles sooner.

Gaynor, W, U.K.

Thanks to FootBalance custom insoles my knee has improved rapidly and for the first time in years I do not have any aches or pains from it.

I have been suffering from a painful knee for some years now. I have also had a very bad back since last April which made life difficult, including just getting up off the sofa. In November my knee got dramatically worse while out running and I laid up for a few weeks but didn't feel it was getting any better. My girlfriend saw your insoles in Tony Pryce Sports in Dorchester (UK) and said I should buy a pair. I was fitted by a very competent young man who informed me that I had fallen arches, which I had never realised before.

Simon G, UK

I now fully understand my need for good insoles

I got my new FootBalance custom insoles yesterday in Elverys Sports Clonmel and I was taken care of by an exceptionally helpful girl. She was very enthusiastic about FootBalance and explained everything to me. I now fully understand my need for good insoles, I have very high arches and I need to be supported when running. I wore my new FootBalance insoles last night and I was very impressed with the comfort and support I received from them. I'm looking forward to trying them out on my future runs :)

Edel O'G, Ireland

Best thing I have bought to improve my sports

I have recently suffered a collapsed left arch causing severe pain in my left foot. The analysis was exceptional and physically showed me what the doctor had explained. I purchased the insoles and literally within 24 hours was back playing basketball and running almost pain free. Best thing I have bought to improve my sports. I would recommend taking the main foot wear you need the insoles for to the shop with you as it has made a big difference for me and the results are better.

Kieran Walsh

After getting the Footbalance insoles I went for a 20km test run with no pain at all!

As a runner I have run a number of marathons, until a stabbing pain in the sole of my right foot forced me to cease training. Eventually the pain became so problematic that I was forced to take a break completely and visit the doctor. I was given a referral for a physiotherapist who gave me some exercises to do and told me to have a month’s rest. However after a month I carefully tried to run again but the pain had not subsided, and after a few months of ‘try now to see if it’s better’ there was no change.

Jonathan, Lahti, Finland