02 November 2011

/They have been worth every penny!

I am a 40-years old guy who works as a nurse. I am on my feet a lot throughout the work day. A few years back I noticed that my feet got really tired at work and that my soles and arches hurt. Back then I purchased my first pair of Footbalance insoles to see if they would provide any relief. At the same time I started running. I also have diabetes - I've been diabetic for the past 25 years - so I was a little bit nervous how running would work with my diabetes. Anyway I continued running, listening carefully my body, and finally last year I ran my first half marathon – without any pain, blisters, abrasions or injuries.

I am confident that the Footbalance insoles have had a huge impact on my foot health. I already have four pairs! And they have been worth every penny!