25 August 2010

/Really made a difference in just weeks

I made a bet with a friend last year that I would go through a half-triathlon this summer. Even though I wasn´t going to race like a maniac it did require “some” training to prepare for it, especially running. And that wasn´t always a pleasure, especially when my operated knee decided to co-operate a little less at times during exercises.

Then I was introduced to Footbalance insoles, and I can honestly say I was surprised. After getting used to them I was able to run with less pain and aches (in my feet!) and that really made a difference in just weeks. And after the race I was in pain and agony, but not with my feet as I expected and feared! 

Now there´s another bet waiting, and I can´t wait to get to test my insoles in cross-country skiing in winter!