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A man feeling accomplished after a run
Mesh scan of the feet
Spring running with Footbalance
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Running up the stairs

Your Movement. Personalised to Perfection.

FootBalance custom creates a personalised fit.

Running with Footbalance

Push Harder. Sprint Faster

Realise your potential with FootBalance custom insoles

We Are Experts in Foot Health.

Our unique approach combines advanced technology, custom products and personalised experiences. 

Running feet with visible alignment
A woman working out at a gym

A World Standing on Healthier Feet

We believe that health and wellbeing begins at your feet. With our knowledge and expertise, we support people with better foot health, keeping them active, fit and pain-free. 

Walk easier. Stand taller. Run longer.

There is no one size that fits all. Watch our Brand video and find out how we can help you live your best life doing all the activities you love. 

We Custom Create a Personalised Fit

We custom create a personalised fit through advanced 3D foot scanning technology, biomechanical analysis, product recommendation and fitting experience. Like no one else.

Two people making a foot analysis on the MyFootBalance scanner

Future-Proof Your Footwear Fitting Service

With our next generation, MyFootBalance unified 3D foot scanning service. 

Happy Customers

Consumer testimonial Footbalance

“Ultrarunning is very hard for your feet, particularly as many competitions I compete in last 10 to 20 hours. Os1st products provide me with the support needed to perform during competitions/training while aiding in my recovery afterwards. Recovery from intense competitions/training is much faster with OS1st compression products.”

Teemu Oksanen

Trail runner

Consumer testimonial Footbalance

"FootBalance Custom Insoles have saved my life. They solved all my foot problems. I use my custom insoles everyday, both at work and during training. Thanks to FootBalance Custom Insoles I no longer suffer from Shin Splints. I never run anymore without my insoles! Also now I can cycle stronger and pain free. FootBalance will definitely be important part of my preparation to Norseman Extreme Triathlon in 2021"

Tiina Tulimaa


Consumer testimonial Footbalance

"My football boots fit better with FootBalance Custom Insoles and my foot pain is relieved. They also gave better foot-to-boot feel and control to the ground. Fast turns and sprints are easier with the increased support of FootBalance Custom Insoles. Finally, I have found insoles that really help!"

Essi Sainio

Professional football player

Consumer testimonial Footbalance

"FootBalance give support and comfort to my feet while skating. When I feel comfortable in my shoes, I enjoy skating even more. FootBalance feels like a real deal to me."

Nikolai Alin


Consumer testimonial Footbalance

"Custom Insoles enable me to do what I love, every day. Thanks to FootBalance, my feet have become used to the jumps, repetition and impact shock of my sport. In the future, let’s raise the bar even higher!"

Maria Kytölä

Track & field athlete

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Our Global Footprint

Present in 40+ countries on six continents, we offer personalised service in more than 1,500 retail outlets and 500 medical clinics.