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100% Custom insoles

FootBalance 100% Custom insoles

100% custom insoles

Balance, support and cushion your body for better comfort, fit and overall health and wellbeing. FootBalance 100% custom insoles are moulded and personalised to the unique contours of your feet in under 3 minutes. 

Custom Insoles moulded in store will be 3D-scanned and a unique profile created. 100% Custom Insoles purchased at FootBalance stores are now available to be re-ordered online without the need to go back in store.


Moulded to your unique feet

In store, our 100% custom insoles are moulded to the unique contours of your feet by our expert staff. FootBalance custom insoles are designed to fit all types of footwear, providing you with the perfect custom fit. All supported by our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee.

MyFootBalance scanner by FootBalance

Easy 3D Online Ordering Service

No need to be scanned again!

Once you have had a 3D scan in-store, you can order FootBalance custom custom insoles and other recommended products online without the need for an in-store moulding or fitting.

Simply browse your favourite custom insoles and login to order.

FootBalance 100% Custom insoles

100% Custom Sport Insoles

More support. More comfort. More choices.

Duplicated with exacting precision from your original custom insole mold, these high-performance works of art fit so perfectly you'll want them in all your shoes.

Choose from three cushion options - Balance, Impact or Control - to boost performance, enhance cushion and solve foot and body alignment concerns.

The patented balance plate technology


  • Durable top layer with antibacterial coating 
  • Comfortable, high-quality shock absorption  
  • Patented, custom-moulded balance plate for dynamic arch support  
  • High-strength base surface 
  • Unisex design
FootBalance 100% Custom insoles