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100% Committed to Personalised Foot Health

We Make the Fit Between Healthy Feet and Healthy Sales Even More Profitable.

More and more consumers are looking for products and services personalised to their unique health needs. They want tangible benefits and deeper connection to products.

FootBalance is 100% committed to personalised foot health – helping your business adapt to changing consumer trends, in-store, online and everywhere in between.

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Our Global Footprint

Present in over 40 countries on 6 continents, FootBalance offers personalised service in more than 1,500 retail outlets and 500 medical clinics. 

5 Million

Foot Analyses

4 Million

Custom Insoles

100+ Patents


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A Winning Partnership

We aim to build on the great service you already provide to your customers, transforming the shopping experience for the customer and resetting your operating and business model.

We help you to differentiate from competitors and substantially grow your sales and profitability, in-store and online.

Elevating the Customer Experience

Groundbreaking Service and Retail Theatre at Its Best.

Retail needs to provide customers with a unique shopping experience, versus just piling up inventory in the store and driving sales out. As this trend becomes increasingly amplified, FootBalance supports the elevation of the retail store experience, making it more engaging, informative and enjoyable for the customer.

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Supercharge Your Sales

With a 75% Conversion Rate Guarantee

Integrating our products and service into the fitting process, we help our retail partners supercharge their sales with new high value, high profit revenues.

Confident of optimising sales, we underwrite conversion rates with a 75% guarantee.

We share data with our partners, supporting customer retention and loyalty. Targeted CRM and personalised marketing campaigns are no longer a dream, rather an opportunity to maximise the customer lifetime value.

               A healthy boost to your business


Conversion Rate


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Customer Retention

Success Stories

"FootBalance insoles have become a best-selling product, and the FootBalance service is an essential part of our footwear fitting and service concept."

– JUSSI MIKKOLA / Former Chairman, IIC

Success Stories

"We've worked closely with FootBalance for 10 years, selling over 200,000 pairs of custom insoles. FootBalance has been an ideal partner in helping us achieve a personalised service for our customers."

– COLM McCARTHY Customer Experience Manager, Intersport Elverys / Ireland

Let's Team up!

Join the growing group of happy retail partners.