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100% Custom sport

100% Custom Balance Narrow

69,90 €

FootBalance 100% Balance Narrow is an excellent all-round insole. It has been designed especially for runners but is equally suitable for various sports or everyday usage. The insole has a narrow fit with a small heel cup, but the width of the toe area is designed to accommodate a broad range of shoes.

The insole provides moderate support and strong flexibility, returning energy to the feet. The heel cup and rebounding cushion provide shock absorption, comfort and can decrease ankle rotation, as well as help prevent injuries.

Our best selling insole for narrow feet 


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Product Description

A popular all-round model specifically designed for narrow feet and footwear. Equally suitable for running shoes as well as for everyday recreational use in casual shoes.

Highlights | Technology

  • Features a smaller heel cup and narrower shape while providing moderate support & strong flexibility, returning energy to the feet, especially when running
  • Patented, custom-mouded balance plate for dynamic arch support 
  • Durable top layer with antibacterial coating
  • Comfortable, high-quality shock absorption  

Care Guide

With proper care FootBalance Custom Insoles can be expected to last eight to twelve months. Like any footwear, the life of the insoles depends on how often they are worn, the intensity of the activity used for, and how well they are cared for.
You can prolong the life of your insoles by keeping them clean and dry. Alternating between two or more pairs of insoles will allow the insoles to air out and 'rest' between use, prolonging their lifespan. Your insoles will air out best if slipped slightly out of your shoes between use.
To clean your FootBalance Custom Insoles, brush them clean or wipe them lightly with a damp cloth. Do not soak the insoles. Do not machine wash or dry the insoles; nor dry clean. Do not expose the insoles to excessive heat, for example do not dry them on top of a radiator or by a camp fire or stove.
Running with Footbalance

Insoles custom-moulded to your unique feet

FootBalance 100% custom insoles balance, support and cushion your body. Moulded and personalised to the unique contours of your feet in under 3 minutes. The patented balance plate technology provides dynamic arch support and personalised custom comfort.

Proven to reduce the risk of injury associated with foot misalignment and imbalances, over 90% of people using FootBalance insoles say they have experienced an improvement in foot health and personal wellbeing.    

Easy 3D Online Ordering Service

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Once you have had a 3D scan in-store, you can order FootBalance custom custom insoles and other recommended products online without the need for an in-store moulding or fitting.

Simply create an account, browse your favourite custom insoles and login button to order.

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