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QuickFit custom

QuickFit Control

52,90 €

The right choice for a normal / high arch foot. The insole is a narrow-fit and is specifically designed for tight fitting football boots/ice skates to provide increased control and support.

Designed for heavy use and training, QuickFit Control delivers increased control during the game by supporting your feet in your sports footwear, with the patented core including a strong balance plate providing correct alignment and even weight distribution. With your feet properly supported you can concentrate on your game and achieve your goals.

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Highlights | Technology

  • Comfortable, high-quality shock absorption
  • Antibacterial, reinforced top coat for hard use
  • Patented and rigid Balance Plate (2,0mm) for arch support
  • Stabilised, squared heel cup
  • Punch holes for ventilation and quick dry
  • High-strength base surface with a dual coloured EVA base that emphasises the heel and arch support area 

Care Guide

With proper care FootBalance Custom Insoles can be expected to last eight to twelve months. Like any footwear, the life of the insoles depends on how often they are worn, the intensity of the activity used for, and how well they are cared for.
You can prolong the life of your insoles by keeping them clean and dry. Alternating between two or more pairs of insoles will allow the insoles to air out and 'rest' between use, prolonging their lifespan. Your insoles will air out best if slipped slightly out of your shoes between use.
To clean your FootBalance Custom Insoles, brush them clean or wipe them lightly with a damp cloth. Do not soak the insoles. Do not machine wash or dry the insoles; nor dry clean. Do not expose the insoles to excessive heat, for example do not dry them on top of a radiator or by a camp fire or stove.
FootBalance QuickFit Balance insoles

Conveniently customised by heat moulding at home

  • Using your factory insoles as a guide, trim around the toe to fit insoles to your shoes
  • Heat you conventional oven to 80°C and place QuickFit insoles upside down in the over for 5 minutes
  • Place QuickFit insoles into your shoes and walk around for 5 minutes to mold them to your arches