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Technical socks

BR4 Bunion Relief socks

31,90 €

The BR4® Bunion Relief Socks form-fit to your foot. With four zones of graduated compression, the split-toe design and targeted bunion pad, the BR4 provides effective pain and bunion relief. This first of its kind sock provides seamless comfort and construction, with a split-toe design and targeted bunion pad that creates wearable bunion relief, any time of day and during any activity.

Additionally, there is extra padding in the toes, for added protection and a Y-gore heel, for anatomical shape and fit. The BR4® is comfortable enough to wear any time. You will find the bunion sock works well as an alternative to toe spacers and bunion pads that can limit movements and interfere with shoe fit. 

Promotes improved circulation to help control swelling and provide faster recovery

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Highlights | Technology

  • Bunion Relief socks with an anatomical left and right design for a perfect fit 
  • Seamless comfort and construction 
  • Split-toe design 
  • Y-gore heel for anatomical shape 
  • Extra toe padding for added protection 
  • Moisture management 
  • 360 degree blister protection 
  • Sold as a pair