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FootBalance 100% Custom Leather Insoles

Comfort and fit

FootBalance 100% Custom Leather Insoles

Finally footwear that fits

Discomfort often stems from a poor fit for our feet within our footwear and can have a knock-on effect of causing back, shoulder and neck pain. The factory insoles in your footwear and off the shelf insoles do not adequately support your feet and offer limited comfort for a short period of time.

When moulded to your unique feet, FootBalance Custom Insoles customise your shoes to provide comfort & fit.

Our 100% leather insoles provide longer lasting support with a more luxurious feel for your causal and formal footwear - take every step in custom comfort.

Make your shoes last longer

Often footwear does not fit the contours of our feet leaving us feeling uncomfortable and our feet fatigued.

FootBalance Custom Insoles support your feet properly within your footwear so you can experience the enjoyment of comfort and perfectly fitting footwear.

Running with Footbalance
FootBalance 100% Custom Leather Insoles

Our genuine leather 3/4 length insoles

Add custom arch support to your shoes and pumps

Ideal for women's formal footwear and pumps without removable insoles. Our 100% Custom Insoles are dynamic and flex appropriately to return energy. This helps keep feet and arches active, healthy and toned.

With increased energy underfoot activities such as standing for long periods or walking long distances are instantly more enjoyable.

A comfort you have never experienced before

FootBalance Custom Insoles are designed in multiple layers with high quality rebounding cushioning and shock absorption material to maintain shape. The patented designed balance plate provides support and aids improved posture while activating foot muscles.

The combination of layered support and cushioning produces an insole that moulded to your unique feet will increase all day comfort. When you are no longer conscious of discomfort you can concentrate fully on achieving your goals.

FootBalance 100% Custom Leather Insoles
FootBalance 100% Custom Leather Insoles

Custom Moulded to Your Unique Feet

Customised support underfoot makes your shoes feel like they were made for your feet. As part of our in-store experience you can get our 100% Custom Insoles moulded to each foot individually and fitted to your footwear or a footwear recommendation based on your foot type can be suggested.

Our 100% Custom Insoles are available to buy online if you've already visited a FootBalance store and had your insoles 3D scanned.