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Custom Insoles Use Instructions

Instructions for Custom Insoles Use

Before inserting your custom insoles into your footwear, it’s recommended you remove the shoe insoles. Start wearing your new insoles gradually to get used to them. Your insoles will enhance foot muscle function for the first 2-3 days, so slowly build up the time you wear your new insoles, allowing your feet time to adjust
If necessary, only wear the insoles for a few hours a day at first, gradually increasing the time-worn each day. After one week, start wearing the insoles as much as possible throughout the day, every day.
Regularly wearing your insoles is better for your body
By properly supporting your foot FootBalance Custom insoles help align your entire body, so you get the most benefit when you wear them consistently. To wear your insoles daily simply transfer them between your shoes or get multiple pairs. Either way, remember to always first remove the pre-existing factory insoles before inserting your FootBalance Custom Insoles.
Increase convenience with a 'spare' pair or different insoles for different types of footwear
For greater convenience, we recommend getting at least two pairs of FootBalance Custom Insoles: a pair for everyday use and a pair for sports. you won't have to worry about getting your everyday insoles sweaty during exercise, and you can let each pair of insoles 'take a day off' and dry out if needed. This helps them last longer.
Having multiple pairs of insoles also helps you ensure that you have the best fitting insole for different activities and types of footwear. or example you may want a more cushioned model for running shoes, a super thin model for work shoes, and a narrower, stiffer model for ski boots or cycling cleats.