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FootBalance 100% Custom insoles

The immediate and gradual benefits of wearing insoles

It is very common among adults to suffer from foot imbalance or misalignment. Misaligned or imbalanced feet can also cause muscle and joint pain, stress injuries and other foot related problems. Both now and later in life.

Most of these problems can be prevented with proper foot care. The obvious first step is finding the correct shoe size. However, what many don't know is how custom-created insoles are the next best step to improved foot health. 


Supporting the supporters

Your feet are the natural foundation of your body. They support you in your daily activities or when you're full-out training. Custom insoles are a natural and effective way to support your feet. They cushion your body and align your body properly for better posture and wellbeing. 


Shoes don't come with insoles

The thin things in your shoes, they aren't insoles. We consider them liners. They are soft and bending, and don't provide any support to your feet. They are there to help keep your feet inside your shoes. Custom-moulded insoles however, provide you with support that is personalised for your unique feet. Supination, high arches, they've got you covered. Liners can't do that.