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FootBalance 100% Custom insoles

Improving body alignment and balance

Many different factors affect your posture or body alignment. Some of these factors are hereditary, while others are more down to earth like walking style or fitness level. According to an independent study, something as simple as using insoles in your shoes can be an effective first step to improving general body alignment. 


A woman walking in a gym


What is pronation?

Pronation is a normal movement that occurs during walking and running. It is the body´s natural way to absorb shock and adapt to uneven surfaces. In overpronation the feet and ankles can rotate too far inward and the feet´s own shock absorption mechanism does not work properly. This exposes the lower limbs and body to a wide range of injuries, such as shin splint, plantar fasciitis and problems with the Achilles tendon.

Independent studies have shown that FootBalance 100% custom insoles reduce the effects of misalignment caused by forefeet overpronation. When your feet are supported effectively,  the position of the knees, pelvis and hips are aligned properly. This provides a solid foundation for the entire body.


Your arches are natural shock absorbers 

Spanning from the heel to ball of foot, the medial longitudinal arch helps distribute body weight and absorb shock. It also has the biggest impact on body alignment and foot health. 



Collapsed arch – People with collapsed arches tend to overpronate. Collapsed medial arches can lead to poor foot function. Instability or poor shock absorption can result, causing pain and increasing susceptibility to injury. These problems can be alleviated with the proper arch support such as dynamic FootBalance custom insoles.

Low arch – Low medial arches can lead to excessive foot motion, instability or poor shock absorption. FootBalance Custom Insoles can help by providing effective support and activation to your arches, thereby preventing them from collapsing.

Normal arch –  Normal arch type is good at absorbing shock, though there is still a risk of over-pronation, especially if your left and right foot have different arch types. Because FootBalance Custom Insoles are individually moulded to track the unique shape and form of your feet, they help maintain healthy arches regardless of whether you have a neutral foot type or not. 

High arch – A foot with a high arch is often too rigid or inflexible. This increases the risk of supination when walking or running. It also leads to poor shock absorption in the feet, which affects the leg, hip and back. FootBalance Custom Insoles are designed to be flexible and dynamic. They combine excellent cushioning and shock absorption with a deep heel cup to help your foot pronate naturally.


Personalised foot analysis service

The free FootBalance foot analysis helps you find the cause of your foot fatigue and pain. Our patented 3D scanning technology identifies your foot type and assesses the effect your feet have on body alignment.

We also dig deeper and look at how lifestyle and activity levels impact your foot health and wellbeing. We then create a personalized foot profile that can be used to mould a custom insole in-store. Plus, we can recommend you the best possible footwear and recovery products.




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