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OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief socks

Injury prevention

os1 compression socks

Medical grade athletic support

All our injury prevention products help relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness, reduce the time it takes for muscles to repair themselves and provide the right amount of compression for each body part. 

Performance compression products provide medical grade athletic support to help prevent pain. Compression Zone Technology provides pain relief for athletes recovering from injuries.

No more swelling and pain

Proper circulation is important for maintaining and rebuilding muscles. Within your veins there are valves. If the valves become damaged or weak, compression, prevents swelling, giving them a boost and helping them to be more efficient.

More blood flow back to the heart can improve your health. It can also speed up the healing and recovery process. A sports foot compression sleeve will support your muscles while they work hard. The high-performance design delivers different zones of compression.

Pain Relief & Injury Prevention
Running with Footbalance

Gradual correction, relief and recovery

Thanks to their shaped fit design, Injury preventing Compression Sleeves promote excellent circulation.

They are safer to wear than heavier orthopedic supports and never bind at your body’s natural angles. You can wear our compression sleeve any time, even under normal clothes.