Common Foot Types

When the foot rolls inward excessively, distributing weight unevenly. One of the most common foot misalignments.
Excessive Supination
Excessive Supination
When the foot leans to the outside. Weight is distributed along the outside. Also known as underpronation, over supination reduces the body's natural shock absorbing capability.
Foot and ankle maintain a straight line. Weight is distributed evenly across the foot and heel.

Collapsed arch
Those who have collapsed arches are very likely to overpronate. Collapsed medial arches can lead to poor foot function. Instability or poor shock absorption can result, causing pain and increasing susceptibility to injury. These problems can be alleviated with the proper arch support of dynamic FootBalance custom insoles.

Low arch
Low medial arches can lead to excessive foot motion, instability or poor shock absorption FootBalance Custom Insoles can help by properly supporting, while dynamically activating, the arches to help prevent them from falling further.

Normal arch
A normal arch type is generally good at absorbing shock but there can still be a likelihood of overpronation particularly if your arch types differ from right to left foot. FootBalance Custom Insoles are individually moulded to each foot helping maintain healthy arches and support whether you have a neutral foot type or not.

High arch
A foot with a high arch is often too rigid/inflexible which increase supination during walking and running. This results in poor shock absorption, much of which is then transmitted up the kinetic chain into the leg, hip and back. FootBalance Custom Insoles are dynamic (they flex) while offering superior cushioning, improved shock absorption and a deep heel cup, all of which aid your foot in pronating normally.

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