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3D Foot Scanning Service

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MyFootBalance scanner in use by two people
Feet being scanned on MyFootBalance scanner
Detail of the MyFootBalance scanner

MyFootBalance® 3D foot scanning service

Every foot is unique, so find your personalised fit with MyFootBalance®. A holistic health service, MyFootBalance® offers an end-to-end experience - from 3D foot scan and a biomechanical foot analysis to custom product recommendations and a personalised fitting service.



MyFootBalance®3D foot scanning

We use advanced technology to capture the most accurate and comprehensive set of foot measurements and data.

With a super-fast 20 second multi-scanning process, we’re able to provide you with detailed foot measurements and analysis, as well as custom product recommendations.

MyFootBalance® biomechanical foot analysis

Guided by medical science, we provide a biomechanical foot analysis, evaluating your feet’s essential characteristics. This includes your arch type and foot alignment and function. Know your feet and with better knowledge and understanding, you can help prevent pain, discomfort and injury.  


MyFootBalance® custom product recommendation

Based on your own preferences, a pain identifier, analysis of your feet and some clever technology, MyFootBalance® recommends a range of products - footwear, custom insoles, technical socks and relevant injury prevention products, all personalised to your unique needs to ensure the best fit possible.

MyFootBalance® personalised fitting service

MyFootBalance® offers you a personalised fitting experience with custom products recommended and professionally fitted to meet your specific needs.

This includes the moulding of custom insoles and the specialist fitting of our range of compression products.   


MyFootBalance® FIT profile

With the MyFootBalance® service, you will receive a FIT Profile, an e-mail detailing your preferences, foot measurements, personalised analysis and product recommendations.

Use your unique FIT Profile to log-in to our website to order further products.