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FootBalance teams up with trail runner Teemu Oksanen

FootBalance teams up with trail runner Teemu Oksanen

The enjoyment of hiking, freeskiing, and generally walking in nature drove Teemu Oksanen to try trail running. Teemu wanted a bigger challenge when running on hiking trails, so he started running narrow and technical trails. Teemu has never run a basic marathon, but he has taken part in several trail running marathons and ultra-races. Last season in Finland he ran NUTS Karhunkierros 80 km and Vaarojen Maraton 86 km races with good results. He especially finds long trail runs fascinating. “Then you can experience a sense of adventure similar to those experienced in long hikes” commented Teemu. In addition, long runs and races require even more problem solving and mental fortitude. In ultrarunning it is not only about speed and endurance, your also need to maintain your mental strength and concentration.

However, races are not the only fascinating thing about trail running. Training alone makes you feel great! You can enjoy the peace of the nature while strengthening your body. Jumping over roots, rocks and fallen trees as well as speeding down the slopes allows us adults to go to the forest and play! That’s why Teemu lives next to Sipoonkorpi National Park in Finland, where he is doing most of his training runs. Teemu knows the paths of Sipoonkorpi like the back of his hand.

At the beginning of this season, Teemu will be running longer runs as he will participate in trail running races of over 100 km in length. One of them will be NUTS Ylläs-Pallas 134 km. During the trip, several large hills are crossed on the technical paths. Running up and down hills plays an important role in trail running. You need to pick up speed to climb steep inclines and run down as fast as you can.

Teemu’s goal is to one day run the legendary UTMB 170 km race from Chamonix. UTMB is one of the world's most famous and most difficult trail running races. You go around Mont Blanc and visit three different countries during the course of the race. In addition to the long distance, the total ascents on the route is about 10,000 m. In order to participate in the race, points are needed. You can obtain points by competing in a number of 100km races in Finland or abroad. In addition to competitions, Teemu's main goal is to stay healthy and enjoy trail running for a number of years! FootBalance Custom Insoles will provide the foundation for Teemu to reach that goal!

Follow Teemu's blog and his trail running endeavors:
You will also find Teemu on Instagram by under the user name outdoor.oksanen

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