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FootBalance & Sweatshop join forces to deliver the foundation for performance to runners at the Virgin London Marathon Expo

FootBalance & Sweatshop join forces to deliver the foundation for performance to runners at the Virgin London Marathon Expo

With more than 40,000 runners registering to take part in the Virgin Money London Marathon, FootBalance was again on hand to deliver customised comfort and fit to runners’ feet together with running specialist retailer Sweatshop, on their stand at the Virgin London Marathon Expo.

The Virgin London Marathon Expo showcases the best innovations and developments in health and fitness. Continuing our yearly cooperation with Sweatshop is a great way to showcase our unique retail concept of computer-aided foot analysis, custom moulded insoles and footwear recommendation in less than 10 minutes to runners and expo attendees.

If you are a runner, you will know that getting and maintaining an efficient gait (running technique and posture) has a substantial impact on your performance and long-term enjoyment of running. Moulded to your unique feet, FootBalance Custom Sports Insoles aid in a balanced stance as well as customising your running shoes for superior comfort, support and performance.

Our key U.K. team members of Sam Whitmore and Marvin Witter toiled effortlessly on the Sweatshop stand, dispensing practical advice to runners, moulding 100% Custom Sports Insoles to their unique feet and recommending the most appropriate running shoes for their running technique.

FootBalance´s innovative concept; a comprehensive foot-analysis and individually moulded insoles made directly in-store, has attracted a great deal of interest in Europe, Asia and in North America. After its commercial launch in 2007, FootBalance has grown from a domestic Finnish company into an international player, whose insoles are currently sold in 50 plus countries in approximately 1 500 stores on six continents.

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