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Redefining foot health

Everybody deserves to walk easier, stand taller and run longer – to move with maximum comfort and ease. That’s why we want to redefine foot health and wellbeing by making it accessible to all.

About Footbalance

Our founder

The story of Footbalance starts in 2003 with Erkki Hakkala, a physiotherapist specialized in podiatric medicine. An innovator by nature, Hakkala founded a foot and lower limb analysis clinic at the Diacor Medical Centre in Helsinki to develop more modern treatment methods that would better serve patients. Inventions to improve the well-being of people have never been in short supply, but for some reason our feet have been largely neglected.

Hakkala founded FootBalance with the goal to empower the owners of the world's 13 billion different feet to move better with innovative custom insoles.

A Nordic fusion of science, technology and medicine.

When we started off, the right tools and technology were nowhere to be found. To realise our ambition, we had to invent everything from scratch.

Our products were tested by 50 doctors and five physiotherapists with over 3,000 patients before launching the first insoles commercially in 2007. All of our products are designed in Finland.

By combining advanced scanning and moulding technology with orthopedic expertise, we were the first company to deliver affordable custom insoles in-store.

A woman and man doing a FootBalance foot scanning and analysis
Our innovation

Our innovation

In March 2021 FootBalance unveiled MyFootBalance®, its next generation unified 3D foot scanning solution.

MyFootBalance® offers you the complete fitting experience from 3D foot scan and a biomechanical foot analysis to custom product recommendations and a personalised fitting service. The technology enables store personnel to carry out a professional foot analysis, which identifies a person’s foot type and its impact on their health. With the data gathered on the analysis, the store personnel are then able to mould custom insoles to the unique feet of the customer.

Scanning the insole creates personalised foot profile for the customer and later they can order any of the FootBalance 100% custom insole range online – without the need for moulding in-store. The innovative process takes 10 minutes and is provided at a cost-effective price for the customer: something our founder Hakkala felt important from the very beginning. 

As you see, for us innovation is an unending story. And we feel like we are just getting started. 

Our commercialisation

We have gone from strength to strength. In 2010, the Swedish private equity company Scope became a major shareholder in FootBalance. With this investment we have been able to build on our unique custom insole concept to reach more markets and consumers. In 2021, we are present in 50+ countries on 6 continents, moulding FootBalance custom insoles in more than 1,500 retail outlets.

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Awards from recent years

  • 2021 Great Place to Work Certification
  • 2016 Kauppalehti, Finland's leading financial & business publication has certified FootBalance as a 'Growth' company as well as awarding an 'Achiever' certificate for exemplary performance and positive financial outlook
  • 2011 Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner
  • 2011 Finalist, Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award
  • 2010 YIC Champion
  • 2010 Finalist in Service Design, Best of the Year Award, Grafia - The Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland
  • 2010 Supplier of the Year, Intersport Finland
  • 2006 InnoFinland Award from the President of Finland