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Faster. Smarter. More personal.

Experience the new dimension in 3D foot scanning and personalised fitting with FootBalance.

mesh scanned feet

Feet are like people, each with a unique personality and story

Even your own two feet differ in ways that can cause discomfort and injury. That’s why we want to help you know everything there is to know about your feet.

In the time it takes you to drink a cappuccino.

MyFootBalance  scanner being used by a man and a woman

The perfect fit is a custom fit

Our approach to foot health and comfort has always been holistic and personalised. We dig deeper and look at your preferences, interests and activities, so that we can better understand what works best for you.

Our personalised fitting service includes two 3D foot scanning technologies, footwear recommendations, custom insoles and socks, as well as a wide selection of injury prevention and recovery products.

MyFootBalance scanner

MyFootBalance is our next generation foot scanning service

Thanks to its patented foot function feature, you can analyse the alignment and biomechanics of feet with unrivalled accuracy and speed.

FootZone3D foot analysis

Empower your movement.

FootZone3D is our digital foot measure and biomechanical Foot Analysis with a custom insole moulding service. With four easy steps you get a professional foot analysis and custom insoles in less than 10 minutes. 

Operated by our expert staff, we identify your foot type and foot position, helping you gain an awareness of your feet and how they influence your posture and alignment.

Molding the insole
Inserting an insole to your sneaker.

100% custom insoles

Scientifically designed for comfort and wellbeing.

FootBalance 100% custom insoles balance, cushion and support your body. Moulded and personalised to the unique contours of your feet in less than 10 minutes. The patented balance plate technology provides dynamic arch support and custom comfort. 

Quickfit custom insoles

FootBalance ready-to-wear custom insoles.

QuickFit Custom Insoles are pre-moulded insoles that can be easily personalised to your feet in the comfort of your own home. QuickFit support your feet within your footwear with high quality rebounding cushion material providing shock absorption, maintaining shape and delivering a superior fit.

FootBalance QuickFit Casual insoles
OS1st KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve

Medical grade compression and support

Our compression wear is designed and manufactured to medical grade standards. Delivering targeted compression to your feet and limbs, our compression wear improve performance and enable quicker recovery. Create the perfect custom fit by combining compression technology with FootBalance analysis and insoles.

Compression Zone Technology

Not all compression is the same

Our injury prevention products offer true graduated & anatomically correct medical grade compression. This ranges from 20 – 30 mmHg across targeted zones.

Compression zones