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3D Foot Scanning Service

A next generation, unified 3D foot scanning solution, giving customers an end-to-end experience from personalised foot scan and biomechanical analysis to custom product recommendation and fitting service.


MyFootBalance scanner in use by two people
Feet being scanned on MyFootBalance scanner
Detail of the MyFootBalance scanner
MyFootBalance scanner by FootBalance

Faster. Smarter. More Personal.

A service that’s unlike anything else available today. Its super-fast multi scanning process captures the most comprehensive and accurate foot scan measurements and data.

It’s intuitive, easy for staff to operate and for customers to follow, combining computer vision and machine learning with cloud analytics.

A complete personalised 3D scanning solution.

We Are Redefining Fit

Together with advanced foot scanning technology and our groundbreaking biomechanical foot analysis, MyFootBalance offers personalised recommendations for footwear, custom insoles, performance socks and injury prevention products - guaranteeing the best possible fit for the customer.


Running up the stairs

Always Holistic & Personalised

We believe health and wellbeing begins at your feet. Our approach to foot health has always been holistic and personalised. Based on customer preferences, their physiological needs and some clever technology, MyFootBalance has been designed to match customers with their own personalised fit.

Fit for the Future

With MyFootBalance on your side, you get:

  • High value, high margin revenues, with guaranteed conversion rates
  • Our integrated online 3D insole service
  • Access to shared data & FIT analytics
  • Operational efficiencies – saving time and costs
  • An end-to-end personalised fitting service