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FootBalance QuickFit Balance insoles

Sport performance

Sport with Footbalance

Get the most out of your sport


FootBalance Custom Insoles support your feet and increase shock absorption, helping to prevent injuries and improve performance. 

FootBalance compression products empower your every move, providing you with balance and support, as well as improving energy transfer between your feet and the ground. 

When running, the impact of each foot striking the ground is equivalent to 3-5 times your bodyweight.

Running with Footbalance

Run unrestricted and supported

An efficient gait has a substantial impact on your health, performance and enjoyment of your run. During propulsion, energy that should be directed towards the ground is lost, leading to wasted motion.

If your feet are not balanced and aligned, they won't be as effective in absorbing this impact putting unnecessary strain on your shins, knees, hips and lower back. Moulded to your unique feet, FootBalance sports insoles customise your running shoes for superior comfort, support and performance

Sport with Footbalance

Maximise your control in football

Often running more than 10km in a game, football can be tough and demanding on your feet and ankles. Without proper support underfoot, the leg turns inward, collapsing when kicking, decreasing power, accuracy and the ability to control the ball.

FootBalance Custom Insoles support your feet and alignment in your football boots and improve energy transfer between the ground and feet.

More power to the pedal

If your feet are supported and aligned, the power you generate to the pedals will be maximised with optimal efficiency. Supporting your feet will get your knees and pelvis properly aligned and allow for maximum power transfer.

FootBalance Custom Insoles can also help prevent hot spots appearing, which can cause pressure sores on your feet, as well as reducing endurance injuries.

Cycling with Footbalance
FootBalance 100% Custom insoles

Balance your stance while playing golf

The game of golf necessitates a number of highly coordinated movements, all of which should begin with the correct alignment and support of your feet.

FootBalance Custom Insoles ensure your feet and body are properly aligned, providing a better balanced stance as you address the golf ball. Custom insoles also reduce on-course foot fatigue and enhance the comfort of your golf shoes.

Get on your tennis game

Tennis is full of movement and rapid 'start-stops' that can add up to a high risk of injury. Misaligned feet transfer a greater percent of force to the rest of the body, which over time, can lead to premature wear on joints, soft tissue damage and pain.

FootBalance Custom Insoles support your feet properly for better stability, shock absorption and injury prevention.

FootBalance 100% Custom insoles